Selected papers

Tsuchimatsu Group

  1. Kawaguchi, Y.W., Tsuchikane, Y., Tanaka, K., Taji, T., Suzuki, Y., Toyoda, A., Ito, M., Watano, Y., Nishiyama, T., Sekimoto, H., and Tsuchimatsu, T. (2023) Extensive copy number variation explains genome size variation in the unicellular Zygnematophycean alga, Closterium peracerosum-strigosum-littorale complex. Genome Biology and Evolution. 15: evad115. 
  2. Tsuchimatsu, T., and Fujii, S. (2022) The selfing syndrome and beyond: Diverse evolutionary consequences of mating system transitions in plants. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. 377: 20200510.
  3. Tateyama, H., Chimura, K., and Tsuchimatsu, T. (2021) Evolution of seed mass associated with mating systems in multiple plant families. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 43: 1981-1987.
  4. Tsuchimatsu, T., Kakui, H., Yamazaki, M., Marona, C., Tsutsui, H., Hedhly, A., Meng, D., Sato, Y., Städler, T., Grossniklaus, U., Kanaoka, M.M., Lenhard, M., Nordborg, M., Shimizu, K.K. (2020) Adaptive reduction of male gamete number in the selfing plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Nature Communications 11: 2885.
  5. Bamba, M., Aoki, S., Kajita, T., Setoguchi H., Watano, Y., Sato, S., and Tsuchimatsu, T. (2020) Massive rhizobial genomic variation associated with partner quality in Lotus–Mesorhizobium symbiosis. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 96: fiaa202.

Katayama Group

  1. Natsu KATAYAMA, Satoshi Koi, Akira Sassa, Tetsuya Kurata, Ryoko Imaichi, Masahiro Kato, and Tomoaki Nishiyama. (2022) Elevated mutation rates underlie the evolution of the aquatic plant family Podostemaceae. Communications Biology. Vol. 5, 75. DOI: 10.1038/s42003-022-03003プレスリリース
  2. Natsu KATAYAMA, Rie TANAKA, Rieko Fujinami, and Ryoko IMAICHI (2019) Expression pattern of CUC3 ortholog in Zeylanidium tailichenoides (Podostemaceae) infers organization of a unique distichous shoot in Podostemoideae Journal of Plant Research. Vol. 132, pp. 521-529. DOI:10.1007/s10265-019-01113-x.
  3. Natsu KATAYAMA, Masahiro KATO, and Toshihiro YAMADA (2013) Origin and development of the cryptic shoot meristem in Zeylanidium lichenoides (Podostemaceae). American Journal of Botany. Vol. 100, pp.635-646. DOI: 10.3732/ajb.1200571.
  4. Natsu KATAYAMA, Masahiro KATO, Takumi NISHIUCHI, and Toshihiro YAMADA (2011) Comparative anatomy of embryogenesis in three species of Podostemaceae and evolution of the loss of embryonic shoot and root meristems. Evolution & Development. Vol. 13, pp. 333-342. DOI: 10.1111/j.1525-142X.2011.00488.x.
  5. Natsu KATAYAMA*, Satoshi KOI*, and Masahiro KATO (2010). Expression of SHOOT MERISTEMLESS, WUSCHEL, and ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 homologs in the shoots of Podostemaceae: implications for the evolution of novel shoot organogenesis. Plant Cell Vol. 22, pp. 2131-2140. DOI: 10.1105/tpc.109.073189. –*these authors contributed equally. –This paper was picked up in the IN BRIEF section of this Issue. N.A. Eckardt and D. Baum “The Podostemad Puzzle: The Evolution of Unusual Morphology in the Podostemaceae”